Sunday, March 25, 2012

erase PLACENTA 3-in-1 magic soap REVIEW

I've read some people find this soap really effective. They use it to whiten their underarms and those dark places. Even the saleslady who advised me to try it said it moisturized her skin more than the other whitening soaps she tried before. Well... let's see!

I've tried the soap 8 times already, full body and face. It takes about 25 full body and face washes to consume the soap (approximately) cause by now I've consumed almost 1/3 of the soap. See what's left down below.

And you know what, I'm going to stop using it from now on because of one main thing, IT STINGS. I didn't mind that it was a bit drying. It said it had Shea butter in it, but it was still drying. Okay, I accept that whitening soaps are drying, but it said it had Shea butter which I didn't feel or even smell. Then, the soap has little hard salt-like substances in it which, sometimes, are sharp enough to scratch my skin (note: I am not exaggerating, it did).

Then the main problem, it stings. Those little scratches that I didn't notice before, I would immediately know of their existence once I start applying this soap. It feels like pouring alcohol over an open wound. You know how you sometimes scratch that little bump on your face and wash your face like it was nothing. With this soap it'll feel like something, something you'd really regret doing. 

The good thing about this soap is it lathers nicely, I saw that I DID become a bit fairer even if it was just 8 days (fairer that you notice, but others don't yet notice cause it's not yet that obvious).

Will I buy again? No. So the search continues. 

I'll buy another brand tomorrow. I really hope it will be the one! :D


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  3. I also experienced those scratches in my arms..And its really painful..It seems it has a rock salt.