Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

After my not so pleasant experience with erase PLACENTA 3-in-1 soap, I realized that I didn't yet buy any whitening soap so I went to the nearest sari-sari store and the only one they had was Kojie San.

I bought the smallest one (I didn't picture it cause I immediately used it after I bought it), the one wrapped in plastic cause I was afraid that I might not like it. I was surprised at how cheap it was (20Php) compared to Cyliena and Erase.

I opened it up and found the smell of artificial orange to be pleasant, reminds me of instant orange juice. I consumed the whole soap within 7 days. That small soap was good enough for 9 washes (whole body and face).

It didn't sting, I didn't have any breakouts and it helped prevent me having pimples that usually come before my period. Plus, the pimple that was growing while I was using Erase Placenta subsided all thanks to this soap. It is not that drying compared to the other soaps I have tried, but that doesn't mean it isn't. It lathers up nicely and quickly. I'm not yet sure if my skin color lightened with me using this, but my boyfriend's cousin uses this all the time and she's pretty white (pale white though) and she says it's all because of this soap.


So, that's my before and after photos of my leg and my arm (leg above, arm below. Yes, both hairy). I didn't edit that. Wow, my skin tone lightened just a little bit and I didn't notice it.

What I missed though that this soap lacked was the peeling action. Both Cyleina and Erase Placenta made my skin peel about every 2 washes and I liked it and both soaps had faster whitening results Erase, I think had the fastest peeling action, it felt liked I had a major peel every time I bathed with it for as Kojie San, it took me 4 washes.

I think Kojie San's a good product, it's somewhere in the middle of everything. Doesn't dry your skin much but is still drying, doesn't whiten that fast, keeps those pimples small but doesn't eliminate them either. But for me, this isn't it. If I had to choose between all the whitening soaps I have tried already, I'd choose Cyleina Black Pearl but I won't (yet). I want to try other soaps, finding for the perfect one that'll suit me. >.<

Up next will be Beauche (cause I just saw a shop open at SM Baguio not to mention it's all over the forums) not the whole pack though, just the soap cause I'm all good with my other facial necessities.


  1. I'm also using it now. Though there's an after effect but the feeling after that is so good. thanks

  2. Ate paano mo po ba ginamit sa katawan at sa mukha? I'm not contended with my skin color kasi na-bebehind kasi ako sa mga kaklase ko kasi angpuputi nila. Tapos parang naiinsecure ako at nahihiya. Ate please reply naman I need your help :)

  3. Teenager pa lang po ako. account lang ni mama gamit ko.